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Portable air conditoner rental prices is listed.  we offer diffrent sizes for Residental, Commerical or Wedding and events. Portable ac unit rental staring at $20.00 daily.

AC Rental Services

Learn more about our air conditioning rental prices and plans, sizing and services

Other Rates & Plans

We have three rental rates, Weekly,  Bi-weekly or Monthly. for larger areas over 1,500 sq.ft in need of cooling call for unit & pricing.

AC Unit Sizing Video

Play Our Video Tutorial on How to Size Your Portable Air Conditioner Rental.

Portable AC Installation Service

All Portable AC Unit Inlcudes a 8 ft discharge hose with window kit for easy window or door way installation.  We do offer delivery and Setup for an (additional cost).

Commerical AC Rental Call Us for Expert Help

We offer cooling for larger spaces from 1,500 square feet to 4,000 Square feet. For outdoor events, Weddings, and tents set up please call us or requires your Air Conditioner rental estimate online.

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Our most ask questions about renting and setting up your portable air conditioner in Miami FL. Answered, for more help from our experts contact us.

How does Portable Air Conditoner Rental work?

Our portable Spot Coolers is easy to install and operate. All AC units have a hot exhaust hose that must be hook up to a window or vented. All units do include an 8 ft. hose and a window kit for easy installation. All unit will cool the area according to the heat load acclimated pre square feet. All units have a no removable water tank that must be drained when full.

Do we offer one day rentals?

No we do not offer one day rentals at this time, however customers can choose to return the unit early from the rental date.

Can i have a unit deliveryed and Installed?

Yes we do offer complete delivery and installation for an additional cost; it includes installation up to 10 feet from window or outlet and 30 min of labor. If the outlet or exhaust duct has to installed more than 10 ft. or in a ceiling call us for a complete cost estimate.

Can I cancel at any time?

If unit is paid in cash and is not pick up or delivered within 4 hours of completing your order, you can get a full refund. All units that is rented by the Renter credit card and is not pick up or delivered there will be a 30% loss of sale cancelation fee applied to the refund. No refund for units that is rented and picked up or delivered.

Can the A/C unit fit in my car?

Most of our AC Unit can fit in a regular car. All units must be transported in the sitting up position only. Two people are recommend to lift and carry unit. Keep unit away from sharp objects.

Voltage, Power and unit Drainage?

All 8,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU work on normal house power 110 volts 10 to 15 amps. We only recommend one unit per circuit breaker. Only heavy duty extension cords are recommended to operate unit. Normal home use extension cords should not be used. You can rent an extension cord from us. Unit Must be drained, using the drain plug loacated in the back of the unit.

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