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Here are some common questions about Portable AC Rental.

What do i need to get started?

To rent from us you will need the following.

  4. We will only accept company checks 4 days prior to equipment rental date, all checks must first be cleared by our bank before unit is picked up or delivered 
How Much does it Cost to Rent a Portable ac unit?


Weather you rent a portable ac unit for one day or 7 days it cost the same price. Our average ac rental cost per day is $20.00 to $50.00 daily.

Portable ac rental cost is determined by what type of unit is rented.

We do not rent ac units for only a day. Our rental is weekly, bi weekly or Monthly with an average cost of $20.00 to $50.00 daily.

Renting AC Unites for a longer period of time will yield more savings.

If i want to keep the equipment longer will i be charge a late fee ?
The answer is, no just call an notify us about the extended rental time , then pay for the addition rental period
Will there be a charge for Installation?
Residential Rentals-  YES we do offer equipment installation at an additional cost.

Commercial Rentals some commercial equipment rental will include free installation but not all please contact us for more details.

Can i cancel my rental If I Did not Pick up Unit ?

For Single item rented No cancellation fee if unit is not pick up or delivered within 48 hours after unit is rented.

Customer must call to cancel all units rented within 48 hours after order has been placed online.

If customer does not call to cancel order within 48 no refund will be given.

Is there any guaranties that the AC unit rented will cool my Area?

We do not give any guarantees that the ac unit that is rented from us will cool your area. It is the customer responsibly to calculate how much heat load in BTUS and size of ac unit need. However we can only help recommend our portable ac unit room sizing guide. click on our link

Can i Cancel My AC Rental after i Pick up My Unit

We Only offer refundes if our unit can not be exchange for another ac unit or if the unit is incapable to work in accordance with  manufacture specifications. We do not offer refundes after our ac unit has been pick up by customer, out for delivery or is  delivered.

We do not refund any type of payment when our ac units are reserved for more than 48 hours.



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